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The Studio Success System is your all-in-one automated lead nurturing, tracking, and follow up system

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Features to help you get more students

Track and Manage Leads

Never lose track of a lead again. With Studio Success System, every form that is filled out creates a new lead that is then tracked in the pipeline. You’ll easily track leads, see where they fall in the sales process and what sources are generating you the most revenue.

Automate Text, Email, and Messenger Campaigns

You’ll never have to manually send another text or email to a prospective student again. As you move prospective students through the pipeline, the Studio Success System will automatically send texts and emails that help you get them from LEAD to CLOSED.

Comprehensive Data and Reports

If you’re not tracking your data, then you’re at risk. With the ability to track everything from conversion rates, pipeline value, Facebook ad performance, sales reports, phone call reports and more, the Studio Success System will help you keep you keep track of that data that matters.

Task and Call Notification

Running a studio means you have a million things to do, and a lot of times we forget the things that are most important. With automatic task and call notification, the Studio Success System will automatically remind you who to call, when to call them, where they’re at in the pipeline, and any additional tasks that need to be completed to maintain and book your prospective students.

Systems To Maintain Focus

Switching between texting, to phone, to Facebook messenger, to Ads Manager, to marketing emails is crippling your productivity. With the Studio Success System, we’ve integrated everything sales and marketing into one platform. Gone are the days of switching between softwares. Now you can get more done, with more focus, in less time.

Done For You Campaigns

Creating follow-up emails, texts, and phone call reminders can take hundreds of hours. And that’s hundreds of hours that takes you away from delivering an amazing service to your current students. The Studio Success System gives you the sequences you need to close hot, warm, and cold leads. Everything from the initial sequence after lead comes in, to a 2 year sequence that follows up with cold leads, you have the opportunity to turn more prospects into students without spending more time writing emails and texts.

Built-In Phone

We found that some studio owners like making phone calls from a landline and some use their personal cell phone. The Studio Success System allows you to make phone calls from anywhere using a dedicated phone line built into the platform. Wether you’re on a beach in Waikiki, at home in your pajamas, or at your studio, you’ll be able to call your prospects and get more students.

Marketing Tools

With so many paid tools out there to grow your business, we put them all in one convenient single subscription service. Within the Studio Success system, you will have all of the marketing tools you need get more students. This includes the ability to send bulk emails, create beautiful landing pages, send text messages, create forms and surveys, get more reviews, effortlessly communicate with your prospects, and even create your own website.

5 Impacts The Studio Success System Will Have In Your Business

What Our Users Are Saying

Keeping track of leads used to be challenging for me, but now because of Studio Success system, I’ve been able to connect with potential students and their parents effortlessly. All of the information for each lead is easily accessible and allows me to not only accomplish my tasks well, but also in an efficient and organized manner.

Fayth Freeberg - Admin

Spark School of Music

My team used to struggle with knowing who to call and when to follow up. We’d unknowingly lose track of prospects every month. Since using the Studio Success system, my business has grown 20 percent in 60 days. Now, my team has increased productivity and more clarity on who to call. Even more, all of this has increased retention as my team has more time to focus on our current students and providing an amazing experience.

Laura Porter - Owner

Bloom School of Music and Dance

Building campaigns, follow-up sequences, and automations were always overwhelming to me. I saw other businesses doing it, but I never really had the time or technical prowess to put it all together. With the Studio Success System, it made it super easy. Every email, text, campaign, and automation was done for me. All I had to do was plug in my school name and turn it on.

John Mizenko - Owner

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